CFUN is returning error

Dear all,

A help here is very appreciated,

I am using 5GMMWAVEEVB-KIT).

[2022-06-20 16:59:03:161_R:] DSR:0 CTS:0 (RI:1) DCD:0

[2022-06-20 16:59:03:224_R:] AT

[2022-06-20 16:59:03:224_R:] OK

[2022-06-20 16:59:03:224_R:] ATI

[2022-06-20 16:59:03:224_R:] Quectel

[2022-06-20 16:59:03:224_R:] RM510QGL

[2022-06-20 16:59:03:224_R:] Revision: RM510QGLHAAR11A01M4G_BETA_20200801

However, when running: at+cfun=0 or at+cfun=1, it returns with errors as the following:
2022-06-21 10:51:00:757_R:] at+cfun=0
[2022-06-21 10:51:00:757_R:] +CME ERROR: 4
[2022-06-21 10:51:10:241_S:] at+cfun=1
[2022-06-21 10:51:10:303_R:] at+cfun=1
[2022-06-21 10:51:10:303_R:] +CME ERROR: 0

and when running at+cfun?, it returns with 7 and i dont know what 7 means here:
[2022-06-21 10:50:42:892_R:] at+cfun?
[2022-06-21 10:50:42:892_R:] +CFUN: 7

AT commands work in general and the SIM card is correctly inserted as I can read the IMSI, there is no PIN code and the SIM card is no locked.

any help ?

See EC25 lock on LIMSRV - #4 by Duncan.Xu-Q

Thanks for the reply, he mentioned the return of 7 as response of at+cfun? and he said it’s version mismatch or PA abnormal. but what u think the solution for that, is firmware upgrade enough or there’s H/W issue here?