Cellular interface porting of BG95 with FreeRtos


I am integrating BG95 with Nrf52 and have been able to achieve the a basic serial communication, but for a stable application code to handle all the AT commands, I need a communication interface port like the one that exists here for st , sierra and u-blox.

I was wondering if someone has already done the porting of cellular interface for nordics, and I could get a head start.

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BG96 is quite similar to BG95

Hi Usman_Khan,

I see you worked on the same project as mine.

Do you have a functional example on the nordic platform ( nrf52 + BG96 or BG95 witth freeRTOS ) please.

I just started a project based on nRF52840 and BG96 and I’m looking for a cellular interface with freeRTOS.

Merci d’avance .