Cell lock not working on rm502q-ae after upgrade to the last firmware RM502QAEAAR11A04M4G

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Thank you for the reply but obviously what you ask is not appropriate for a customer or partner to post in a public forum, nor should it have bearing on the question at hand. I will say that my modem and EVB were purchased through an authorized distributor and I regularly correspond with a US based FAE. Hopefully this is the context you are looking for.

Aside from this, already a sizeable client (Mikrotik) with a large customer base is using QNWLOCK for LTE/NR cell locking as a feature published in their product documentation. This functionality is very useful and a material advantage over your competition (Sierra, et. al.) so from a business perspective it is confusing that its existence is relegated to ‘internal debug’ only.

Regardless, it seems @rbunch has given us the solution in that “CFUN=0” is now required before issuing QNWLOCK command for 4G cell lock to be successful. This did not seem to be required previously so not sure if this change in functionality was intentional or not. It would be good to confirm this point so that we know if CFUN commands pre and post QNWLOCK will be required by all firmware going forward. Then we can align our development accordingly.

Appreciate your support as always.

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For 5G module(based Qualcomm x55 platform), it should be set cfun to 0 before sending at+qnwlock.
What we don’t recommend this function for Mass product is, if the cell you lock is not working suddenly on a certain day or your application is for dynamic, it is not appropriate.

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Thank you for the confirmation on CFUN requirement for QNWLOCK. Understood on the reasoning behind not wanting to implement this in a product due to cell outage, however our development takes this into account providing a failsafe to unlock if cell becomes unavailable or unresponsive.

Thanks again!

That Works Thanks man