CEER error 3108

Hi there
I’m using an M95 and trying to connect to an IP address but i get the extended error
3108 which the manual states as “Regular Deactivation”.

Can someone explain what this means?
Is the error with my account with the network?
is the error with the server i’m trying to connect to?
is the error with the network?

thanks in advance.

Hi Moose:
Could you please provide your detailed AT steps?

Hi Winnie
i have just tried to connect to a different server & that connected fine.
Therefore i must examine what is wrong with the first server.

But now i realise that extended error 3108 indicates that the IP address that one is connecting to is the right IP address but the wrong port number…(oops)!!
I may further add that the IP address was to my (public) IP router with port NAT so it was the router that declined the connection…

Shall i delete the post or leave for someone else that may encounter this issue?


Hi Moose:
You can keep the post.Wish you all the best.