Cause of SIM busy error

Dear forum users and Quectel support,

We are using M66 GSM module. Before communication we check SIM card status with AT+CPIN? command. With standard nanoSIM we get answer +CPIN: READY (as no PIN is needed) and we are able to continue with our stuff next. When we switched to eSIM we are constantly getting error: +CME ERROR: 14. Documentation says it is “SIM Busy” error.

My question is what is detailed meaning of this error? What may be its cause?

Best Regards,

Hi Adam,

The SIM interface supports the functionality of the GSM Phase 1 specification and also supports the functionality of the new GSM Phase 2+ specification for FAST 64 kbps SIM card (intended for use with a SIM application Tool-kit).
The SIM interface is powered by an internal regulator in the module. Both 1.8V and 3.0V SIM Cards are supported.

+CME ERROR: 14 can be caused by Hardware problem (SIM interface or SIM card/chip) or signal interference on the SIM signals.
Could you please send your schematic design as PDF format and GERBER outputs to to review your hardware design for analyzing the SIM issue?