Carrier Certification Requirements


We are very confused concerning carrier certifications. We have developed a device based on the BG95 family and we are considering the use of BG95-M1 as it answers to all the identified requirements for the lowest pricing.

We verified and the module is certified for CE, FCC and RCM. However, it is only certified for Deutsche Telekom, Verizon. AT&T, Sprint carriers.

What does this means? We cannot use an end device using the BG95-M1 say with Telstra in Australia? Do we need to undergo on a new certification for every carrier we need?

At the same time, say that we upgrade our module choice to the BG95-M6 which is certified for Telstra in Australia, do we need to run any certification with Telstra given that we have a custom antenna on our design?

What is this carrier certification assessing in reality?



RMC is mandatory certification in Australia.
And antenna should be design by customer, As for Telstra certification that’s depend on customer for their device i think.