Carrier Aggregation UL or DL

I have noticed the SCC results from the AT+QCAINFO? command end in “DL” or “UL”.

+QCAINFO: pcc,3148,100,LTE BAND 7,1,189,-117,-14,-82,9
+QCAINFO: scc,2950,100,LTE BAND 7,2,189,-117,-13,-85,4,UL
+QCAINFO: scc,1300,100,LTE BAND 3,1,411,-116,-14,-94,0,DL

These endings don’t seem to be documented. Do they indicate downlink or uplink?

What is shown if CA is active on both the up and the down link?

Hi snowgum
I am very glad to answer your question. I have sent you the specific document in a private message. Please check it.
Best wishes

Because the document is not updated, UL (uplink) and DL (downlink) are not included in the parameters.

Thank you. I’ve got the document. As you say it is not updated to show the “UL”/“DL” parameter.