Carrier Aggregation combination for RM502-AE

Where can I find the Carrier Aggregation combination list for RM502-AE?

And would the combination be different between firmware R11 and R13?

Dear @mrgodai
I have sent to you via Message, please check.
There are the same between firmware R11 and R13.

Could I get the same combination list please? Thanks.

Dear @Arthur_Dent
I have sent it to you via Message, please check.

Dear @silvia,

Kindly send me the relevant documents needed for me to perform “carrier aggregation”, please.

Many thanks!

Hello @silvia @herbert.pan-Q can you please share the firmware in which the RM502Q-AE does carrier aggregation for EN-DC (2LTE+2NR) please?

This is the document where they say it is supported now, but with R13A02 I was not able to do it.

Quectel_RM50xQ_Series_CA& (340.7 KB)