Can't update firmware on my RM520N-GL (QFLash version)


I am currently trying to upgrade the firmware of my RM520N-GL, since I started having problems connecting to 5G NSA networks.
I am using the latest version of QFlash (v6.6) and I have tried multiple firmware versions. I have also tried different baudrates, but no success.
I am using a Windows XP 32-bit inside a VM on a Mac system. All drivers seem to work fine.
When I start the flashing process, it switches the device to EDL mode (emergency download loader?). Then my COM port changes from 31 to 4.
All seems to go fine, till I hit an error “DL rawprogram fail”…

I saw some people with different QFlash version (v5.4 and also some v4) had success with a similar problem.
Can anyone make older versions of QFlash available to me?
If not do you have any other hints?


hello @pedrosimao Try to flash the firmware with QFlash v6.4, it worked for me to upgrade safely the firmware

HI @ShortyPTG , I have already tried with QFlash v6.4 and I had the exact same problem…

@pedrosimao have you tried to select the correct ports before upgrade it?

The firmware tool have a “sahara only”, maybe can fix your issues, is recommended in “the last cases”…

Are you Brazilian or Portuguese? Your name and family name suggests me such nationalities :slight_smile:

Have a great evening :wink:

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@pedrosimao Try to upgrade it with Windows 10 if it is possible. Quectel literature recommends it for new tools. :slight_smile:

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Find Linux machine and use QFirehose.

@jfrog Do you know how to re-enable voice and sms on modem after a firmware upgrade? Thanks.

That is unrelated to this topic. Please start a separate topic for your issue.

@jfrog I apologise, I’ll open a topic for my issue.
I beg your pardon

So… I managed to find another compute, with a recent version of Windows installed, and it worked without an issue. I guess the problems came from the fact that I was using Windows XP.

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Thanks for the tips, and indeed I am both brazilian and portuguese!

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Hello @pedrosimao
I am Portuguese.
Have a great day! :wink: