Can't start cv2x-daemon with AG15

Dear guys,

I have a issue about cv2x-daemon with AG15.
When I excute cv2x-daemon, it can’t create IP data call.
Where is check for this issue ?

Thank you.

This is log.

cv2x-daemon -d

[I][runAsDaemon:206] Starting the CV2X Daemon
[I][startV2xMode:86] Starting V2X mode
[I][startV2xMode:94] Read V2X radio status
[I][startV2xRadio:315] Starting V2X radio
[I][operator():320] Started V2X radio
[ 688.467569] cv2x-daemon: V2X mode started
[I][startV2xMode:107] V2X mode started
[D][createProfileAndStartDataCalls:517] Check dataProfileMgr_ Subsystem Ready
[D][createProfileAndStartDataCalls:525] Check dataConnectionMgr Subsystem Ready
[I][logStatusChanged:129] tx_status=2, rx_status=2, tx_cause=0, rx_cause=0
[D][logStatusChanged:133] cbr_value=0
[D][onStatusChanged:70] Triggered post ssr event to start data calls
[I][logStatusChanged:129] tx_status=2, rx_status=2, tx_cause=-1, rx_cause=-1
[D][logStatusChanged:133] cbr_value=0
[I][createProfile:459] Found V2X_IP profile, idx=2
[I][createProfile:475] Found V2X_NON_IP profile, idx=3
[I][createProfileAndStartDataCalls:539] APN profiles setup done
[I][startDataCalls:493] Start Data Call IP
[E][operator():421] Failed start data call operation (type=0 ret=2)
[I][startDataCall:434] Received DSI_EVT_NET_IS_CONN: network_type=0 is offline
[E][startDataCalls:496] Failed Starting IP Data Call
[E][createProfileAndStartDataCalls:543] Error starting[ 698.001372] cv2x-daemon: V2X mode stopped
data calls
[E][runAsDaemon:224] Failed to create v2x data profile
[E][handleArguments:328] Failed to start in daemon mode
[I][stopV2xMode:117] Stopping V2X mode
[I][logStatusChanged:129] tx_status=2, rx_status=2, tx_cause=2, rx_cause=2
[D][logStatusChanged:133] cbr_value=0
[I][logStatusChanged:129] tx_status=2, rx_status=2, tx_cause=0, rx_cause=0
[D][logStatusChanged:133] cbr_value=0
[I][operator():341] Stopped V2X radio

Hi, Dear Brian
-1 — modem is not brought up
0 (Inactive) — cv2x-deamon does not play or Geopolygon function
1 (Active) — cv2x-deamon is activated and the GPS signal meets the accuracy requirements
2 (Suspend) — cv2x-deamon has been activated and GPS signal has no or does not meet the accuracy requirements

Deaer Janus,
Thank you for your replay.

I one more question.
How to check V2X Status ?
In the log, just notice to me tx_status=2, rx_status=2, tx_cause=2, rx_cause=2

have a nice day !!