Cant send message and call in open cpu

hi. I wanted to write an easy code to start programming. I wrote this code in Visual studio, but the mc60 module not send message and not call me.

could you say me my problems?
thank you.


#include “ril.h”

#include “ril_util.h”

#include “ril_sms.h”

#include “ril_telephony.h”

#include “ril_system.h”

#include “ql_stdlib.h”

#include “ql_error.h”

#include “ql_trace.h”

#include “ql_uart.h”

#include “ql_system.h”

#include “ql_memory.h”

#include “ql_timer.h”

#include “ql_type.h”

#include “ql_gpio.h”

char strPhNum[] = “+989365671037\0”;

char strTextMsg[] = “Quectel Module SMS Test\0”;

u32 nMsgRef;

u32 iResult;

u32 a=1;

u8 ss;

s32 res;

u32 b=1;

u32 rrr=1;

void proc_main_task(s32 taskId)


// Specify a GPIO pin

Enum_PinName  gpioPin = PINNAME_RI;

// Initialize the GPIO pin (output high level, pull up)


while (TRUE)


if(b==1){rrr= RIL_Telephony_Dial(ss, strPhNum, res);}

ST_RIL_SMS_SendExt sExt;

Ql_memset(&sExt, 0x00, sizeof(sExt));

if(a==1){    Ql_Sleep(10000);

iResult = RIL_SMS_SendSMS_Text(strPhNum, Ql_strlen(strPhNum), LIB_SMS_CHARSET_GSM, strTextMsg, Ql_strlen(strTextMsg), &nMsgRef);


// Set the GPIO level to low after 500ms.

if (iResult == RIL_AT_SUCCESS)



Ql_GPIO_SetLevel(gpioPin, PINLEVEL_LOW);

// Set the GPIO level to high after 500ms.


Ql_GPIO_SetLevel(gpioPin, PINLEVEL_HIGH);






Why does no one answer me? :woozy_face: :woozy_face: :sob: :sob:

Hello sir
After reading your code, there is basically no problem from the code point of view, so I suggest you check whether your hardware environment is correct, such as antenna, sim card, and you can also send AT commands to check basic information such as signal values. If the hardware is normal, it is recommended that you check whether there is any blocking between processes. The above is my analysis of the information you provided. I don’t know if it’s correct. You can verify it first. If you have any questions, you can continue to reply. Thank you. Have a nice day.

hello. thank you very much.

I hello. thank you very much.

I setting up this module with Qnavigator software and this module can send messages and call.
but in open CPU mode, not working.

please help me.

Is it possible to program this module in open CPU mode using AT commands?

thank you.

Hello sir,
I think you can run example_call.c and example_sms.c in the SDK first, and then write your own code according to the example in the SDK. Now you can add more printing to the code to judge the running status of the program, or Compare your code with example_call.c and example_sms.c to troubleshoot errors. I hope my suggestions can be helpful to you, and have a nice day.

thank you. I will try it again.