Can't find file Quecopen quick start

I want use Quecopen with EC20 module and I read document that refers to the “QuecOpen_EC2X&AG35_Quick_Start” file … but I can’t find this in the site
please help me
thanks a lot

KBA_QuecOpen_EC2X&AG35_Quick_Start_Priliminary_V1.4.pdf (1.3 MB)

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thanks a lot Mr VincentW … it’s heip me so much
can you send some files that refers in this documents?

1- Quectel_EC20 R2.1 Quecopen GPIO Assignment Spreadsheet
2- Quectel EC20_R2.0 -Quecopen hardware design manual
3- EC20&EC21&EC25x-TE-A_SCH

thank you again