Can't create own QFIL package

Hello! I have SC20ESA on EVM. As described in Quectel_SC20_Android_Burning_User_Guide_V1.1.pdf:

  1. Downloaded and unpacked
  2. Built Android 7.1 images as desribed in Quectel_SC20_Android_Compiling_Instructions_V1.1.pdf
  3. Put built images from Android BSP’s out directory to LINUX folder in SC20_Android7.1_r5402_Unpacking_Tool_20200728 (simply took all files without dirs in android\out\target\product\msm8909)
  4. Placed contents to SC20_Android7.1_r5402_Unpacking_Tool_20200728 folder and replaced files there.
  5. Executed build.bat in SC20_Android7.1_r5402_Unpacking_Tool_20200728
  6. Used QFIL to burn Meta Image to SC20
  7. Device won’t boot.
  8. Also tried to flash Flattened image with no luck.
  9. Looked in partition.xml at SC20_Android7.1_r5402_Unpacking_Tool_20200728/common/build
    Found it strange! Not all partitions are described here. partition.xml is attached. (1.6 KB)

When i used a contents of “partition_vb.xml” my image starts and runs modified Android. But LTE not works!

You can try to re-plug the module and then re-flash the mirror image