Cannot Send MMS - PDP deactivated

I am working with the EC25-AF module and trying to send a test MMS text message. I have been able to successfully send using another carrier, the only difference being that one was IPV4 where as this one is “IPV4V6”.

The response I receive is always +QMMSEND: 769,0, which means “PDP deactivated”.

I am able to successfully send HTTP commands using the same configuration.

Is there some sort of log available that I can query to get a more detailed message?

I was able to quire the EC2x&EG9x&EM05_MMS_AT_Commands_Manual_V1.0 document, but I am wondering if there is an updated version or complimentary documents with additional configuration commands.

Output: ATI
Input: Quectel
Input: EC25
Input: Revision: EC25AFAR02A05M4G
Input: OK
Output: AT+QIACT=1
Input: OK
Output: AT+QIACT?
Input: +QIACT: 1,1,2,"FD04:C9D8:4F9E:BF94:2607:FB90:93CE:72D"
Input: OK
Output: AT+QMMSCFG="contextid"
Input: +QMMSCFG: "contextid",1
Input: OK
Output: AT+QMMSCFG="proxy"
Input: +QMMSCFG: "proxy","",80
Input: OK
Output: AT+QMMSCFG="mmsc"
Input: +QMMSCFG: "mmsc",""
Input: OK
Output: AT+QMMSCFG="character"
Input: +QMMSCFG: "character","UTF8"
Input: OK
Output: AT+QMMSCFG="sendparam"
Input: +QMMSCFG: "sendparam",6,3,0,0,2,4
Input: OK
Output: AT+QMMSCFG="supportfield"
Input: +QMMSCFG: "supportfield",0
Input: OK
Output: AT+QFOPEN="RAM:test.txt",1
Input: +QFOPEN: 3000
Input: OK
Output: AT+QFWRITE=3000,9,301
Output: testing12
Input: +QFWRITE: 9,9
Input: OK
Output: AT+QFCLOSE=3000
Input: OK
Input: OK
Output: AT+QMMSEDIT=1,1,"0000000000"
Input: OK
Output: AT+QMMSEDIT=5,1,"RAM:test.txt"
Input: OK
Output: AT+QMMSEND=100
Input: OK
Input: +QMMSEND: 769,0

Hi, I think we can use AT+QIACT? Command to query the PDP activation status to ensure that the PDP is activated. If it shows that PDP is active, this error code will be displayed. We will further analyze it. If it shows that PDP is not active, we need to activate PDP first.