Cannot send AT Commands to SC600T

I am using an SC600T module on an SMART EVB G2 V1.2. The board is connected to the PC via UART. I am trying to send at commands through QCOM V1.6, but nothing is sent. I have tried Qnavigator too, but it has the same problem.

The COM port of the module is in the Device manager, as Generic-03 USB-to-COM Port (COM39). No “warning sign” is on the COM port voice.

Can someone help, please?


Hi, Blimarith:
You can use the following steps to send AT command:
adb shell
cat /dev/smd8 &
echo “ATI\r\n” > /dev/smd8

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Hello. Thank you. Sadly, it seems that i cannot start the adb shell. It seems like the command adb is not recognized.

You need to install adb tools for your OS and connect to the module over USB.

It seems like i don’t have the adb installer, but only the usb one. Could you send it to me, please?

Just google for “adb tools windows”

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Hello. Thanks a lot for the suggestion. It works and now i can send at commands. However, just in case, is there a way to use QCOM? From what i know, it is possible.

HI, Blimarith:
Sorry for late reply, you can also use QCOM to send AT commands.
You can use microcom command

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