Cannot connect to MQTT server BC 35G modem

I’m using BC95 without any problem. I got a pair o BC35G and I set it as i did with BC95 but i cannot connect to MQTT server




Do you know if there are any differences between both modems than i should take into account? I did many tests but i cannot fix issue


AT+QMTCONN must be executed within 10 seconds after AT+QMTOPEN,please try it again!

Thanks herbert.pan-q.

I’have just done what you said. Response lasts 10 secs and is a time out

My broker doesn’t care about pass and user

and client ID is unique

AT+CGPADDR //query IP from the radio network

Thanks herbert.pan-q.

Yes, I get an IP


Is this an IPv6 address type? Can you switch to IPv4 for debugging, or a SIM card that supports IPv4?

Thanks herbert.pan

This is a ipv4. And I test a card that is working with BC95 modem

I think i need to increase time t1

I setted AT+QMTCFG=“timeout”,0,60,3,0

but it didn’t work

I recommend that you open your MQTT server IP and port, I need to debug validation locally


I updated firmware and it worked


OK,YOU ARE GREAT,If there are any questions, we can continue our discussion

Where will i can to find like information? in which manual is this displayed?

tell me pleas, after AT+QMTCONN. missing response same +QMTCONN, 0,0,0. but there is not nothing…

Do you have a problem?

Yes. I told about at this post.