Can we use Voltage translator IC on UMTS&LTE EVB to step down voltage from 3.3 to 1.8 V for communication between external MCU(nrf52) and BG95 Module?

We need to integrate BG95 with nrf52, since the uart voltage level needs to be stepped down, I was wondering if this is possible by the use of on-chip voltage translator IC(TXS0108EPWR - slot U403)? If there are any pins exposed for that? Or shall I have to make use of an external IC for the voltage translation first?

I can see the J806 test pins, but not sure if they can be used for this purpose.


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The below is the connection procedure .


Remove R407 and R411.

Press the PWRKEY button to turn on the module. The AT communication works fine


  1. To avoid voltage drop, you can try to add pull-up resistors(like 47K ohm) to pull up the TXD_3V pin to 3.3V.
  2. To avoid TX and RX reverse, please switch the TX and RX to try.

the voltage translator IC on UMTS&LTE evb can be used in your side

Hi, I want to use hardware flow control.
Where can I connect RTS and CTS signals at 3.3v levels?
Can I get the schematics of UMTS&LTE EVB_V2.2 board?

Thanks a lot Stephen, It worked. We can close the ticket.