Can We use only the main antenna in EC20

  1. There are two antennas in EC20 (Main and Diversity) ,Can you explain why there are two antennas ?
  2. If we use only the main antenna, can we face any problem related to Network Strength or speed. Is it okay to remove the Diversity antenna from our Circuit ?
  3. Can you suggest some antenna part no. that are mainly used

1.Diversity antenna can increase the Rx sensitivity by 2-3db.
2.If you only use the main antenna, there is no risk in most urban areas where the base station coverage is good; however, for some remote areas or urban areas with poor base station coverage, the advantage of diversity antennas will be evident.
3.We have various types of antennas, and the choice of antenna depends on the structure of your product. I suggest you contact our local sales or agents.