Can we use GNSS function for L89 connected on Auxiliary / UART2 in Open CPU?

Hi team,

Actually for AIS140 purpose, i’ve to use L89 & with L89, i’m using Eg915 that don’t have internal GNSS , so i wish, if i can use SDK’s GNSS function for external L89 connected on Auxiliary or UART2 Port.

Pleae help me to enable GNSS function with my UART2 RX pin.
My connection is as follows : |

GPS TX >>> AUX / UART2 RX - 28th pin of Eg915
GPS RX >>> AUX / UART2 TX - 27

i am able to flash other codes, but i am not able to use GNSS function with this Aux / uart2 , Please help to configure GNSS function for my exterrnal L89.

Hi Narend,

I checked both L89 R2.0 and EG915U hardware design documents. The voltage domain on L89 is 3.3v, but on EG915U is 1.8v.
Did you receive NMEA data on EG915U? I’m afraid the voltage domain is not matched.

Best regards.