Can the EG25-G be shutdown without flash damage in 0.1-0.3 seconds?

We have a device in which we consider using the Quectel EG25-G.

The power to our device may be cut at any time by the user (by disconnecting the device from the power supply). This is not a problem with our current product variant as we have a small super capacitor that retains power for a very brief period, allowing us to shut down our device properly within <0.3 seconds.

From the EG25-G documentation, it is clear that it is strongly recommended to ‘properly shutdown’ the product, following a very long sequence. However, in practice this will not be an option for our specific product type.

We are OK with sacrificing some boot-up performance by forcing an ‘abrupt shutdown’ every time a user disconnects the device. We could potentially keep the module running for ~0.1-0.3 seconds, but not a lot more - and thus we assume the abrupt shutdown would be the “default” option for us.

However, it is unclear to us what the implication/downside is from doing this.

  1. Will the abrupt shutdown lead to physical damage of the module over time - e.g. due to damaging the internal flash? This seems to be the case from the documentation.

  2. If there is physical damage, is there some way to avoid this, e.g. by cutting the power in a specific way (within the 0.1-0.3 second window) or configuring the device to not try and write things to the flash during shutdown?

Thank you.

Hello, it is recommended that you refer to the design manual to design the power supply, which has achieved better results.
Quectel_EG25-G_Reference_Design_V1.0.pdf (543.7 KB)