Can I get the RGMII protocols for AT over ethernet?

I’ve tried reaching out and am still waiting.

hello, could you please tell us the firmware version and module type? we will arrange corresponding engineer to support as soon as possible, thanks!

My device is RM520NGLAAR01A07M4G

Dear @Latimer
Did you want to test like this?

Hi Silvia,

I’ve already done this. I’m connected via the program provided by Brian.

What I am looking for are instructions on how to use it, (what commands) etc.

Specifically I really need to know how to change the ip address the program requires. Right now it’s set to the default IP, and I’m not sure what is the best way to change it.

Dear @Latimer
I have sent the document which include AT+QMAP via Message, please check if it is helpful.