Can I compile the BG-96 OpenCPU SDK using eclipse IDE

Hello Community,

I am working on the Quectel_BG96_QuecOpen_SDK_Package_V3.4.0.
So far I am able to setup a LLVM compiler environment & successfully compiled the sample applications.

I would like to know that which IDE should I prefer to create project, make some changes & compiler the code to generate .elf & .bin files.

Is it possible to create a project for the BG-96 module & its SDK on the Eclipse IDE?
If yes, Is there any documentation on it?.

Shiv Patil.

Hi Shiv,

You could use Cygwin to setup your project. But we don’t have documentation for application on Eclipse IDE.

Best Regards,
Willie Yao

Hello WillieYao,

Whar do you mean Cygwin, IDE or Compiler?..
I have done a Cygwin setup as mentioned in the setction 3.1.2 in BG96-QuecOpen
Application Note.pdf
But this will provive only commandline interface to us.
I am more interested in the IDE.
For Ex. We use eclipse IDE to setup & compiler the MC-60/MC-60-E OpenCPU SDK project.

Is there any IDE supports the BG-96 SDK?
Is there any documentation for the Cygwin IDE project setup for the BG-96 SDK.

Hi shiv_patil ,

Cygwin is not IDE. cygwin is just a linux environment simulator under windows

For BG96 , some guys use eclipse or VS .

we have one docs about eclipse , but it is Chinese version .so sad !

you can get more info from some forum .eg: stack overflow . google

you can easy create VSCode builder for LLVM
example for BC66 and GCC

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Hi Wiz-IO,

I have been trying to in Visual Studio but it does not work.

It works on LLVM.

Can you help me provide me some sample code for UART Debug port interfacing?


All Quectel examples have UART Debug source code…

There is nothing impossible…

It Doesn’t works in my case.

Even window hangs when i try to flash