Block URC Report for MQTT Message

Hi, my system will do continuous HTTPS Post in a loop and simultaneously listen to any MQTT Message received from its subscribed topic.
As MQTT URC and AT Command response of HTTPS command both comes in the UART of my MCU and its very difficult to separate these two UART Received Strings in UART Receive Interrupt. Like while sending an AT Command, MQTT message also comes in, in the buffer mcu is getting both response string from AT command and MQTT URC, thus error conditioning is hampered.
So I have decided to read MQTT Buffer for any new MQTT message when system is done with its HTTP Post. I am successful in reading the buffer by AT+QMTRECV=<client_idx>[,<recv_id>].
But when any new MQTT Message comes, one URC is still there: +QMTRECV: <client_idx>,<recv_id> which will create the same issue.
Is there any way to block this URC generation? Means MQTT Message will be received but no URC will be generated?

could you please tell us which module you used, and the FW version, thanks!

Hi the module I am using is the Quectel EC200U-CN 4G CAT 1,
the F/W version: EC200UCNAAR02A09M08.
*I need that specific URC to be disabled. Not the overall URC disable.
Thank You.