Blink LEDs on EVB G2

hello team,
I am new in developing apps on embedded android, could the support team introduce to me a brief process to write a simple application to run on the Smart EVB G2 (SC600) kit such as blink LEDs and perform on Android studio.
and I really want to have some example code, which communicates with GPIOs, ADC, UARTs. if you can, pls give me to refer
thank you so much

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Due to the size of the file, I have distributed it to your mailbox

However, your email address seems to be rejected. The email I sent

I tried to post a few more times just now, I hope you can receive

I divided them into three parts and sent them to you, app, app1, app2

If you have not received these three documents, you can tell me and I will check

Dear kevinzhang2020,
Thanks for your response. I have checked the mailbox, I received app and app1 but not had app2. pls, send app2 again, thank you

I tried many times just now, but there will be an error saying “The recipient’s mail provider rejected it”

could you share through Git or some public clouds? or you can separate into 2-3 parts before sending out, because maybe the size of file attachment is limited by Gmail

App2 is mainly about the content of the control method, which is the content in the picture I just sent you

This is an example.

Dear kevinzhang2020,

Could you share these there document with me ? I am new in embedded android too and want to write simple GPIO application on Smart EVB G2 (SC66) kit.

Thank you.

Hi Recai,

I have sent two compressed files, app and app1, to your mailbox

Hi kevinzhang, we are also trying to implement couple of things mentioned in the queries. Hence please send same files to my email- thanks in advance…

Hi Kevinzhang, please give me an Android Studio blink led app so that i can demo on SC600Y kit.