BG96MA-MINIPCIE reference design file

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I’m looking for hardware design file for this module. Please, help me.

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pls refer the doc as below ;

Hi @Stephen.Li-Q, sorry to reopen the subject, but I search more hardware information because I would like to adapt this module to a board with a custom PCIe mini. I search the schematic to understand the full pinouts and the logic of the board.

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Jonathan Dreyer

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Thanks for your message. I have just sent an email to the support.

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I am trying to integrate for a new product a QUECTEL BG96 mini PCI.

I would like to access to PWRKEY through mini pci PIN.

According to the documentation : BG96_Mini_PCIe_Hardware_Design_V1.0, this pin seems not to be available on mini pci interface.

However on th this documentation it is available :

see schematic of the minipci : the PWRKEY is available on pin 6 of interface**

I have try to use this pin 6 but it seems not to be connected.

Maybe you can help ?

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