BG96M difference in hardware revision

We have bought BG96 at two different moment. Now that we are testing our prototyping series, we have experienced a major difference between the two batches.

Q1-A2654 everything seems to work correctly.

Q1-A1259 does not respond to AT-commands, but other functionality seems to be okay.

Can we get the Q1-A1259 to respond to AT-commands, or are our modules just broken?

Gengerally , I think this issue come from the different FW version .

There is no different between Q1-A2654 and Q1-A1259 in HW design .


if after doing it , the issue occured still , pls reach to

Hello Stephen,

Do you also have a link to the bin files? And what is the recommend version to flash into the modules?

Kind regards.