BG96 - TLS v1.2 with PSK

I would like to configure SSL connection BG96 TLS v1.2 with PSK (pre-shared key).
There is an example in your “BG96 SSL Application Note” documentation. An example can be found in chapter 3.6.
In this example, two parameters “dtls” and “dtlsversion” are used for the AT + QSSLOPEN command, which my BG96 does not have.
In which firmware version these parameters have been added?

Firmware version of my BG96: BG96MAR02A07M1G_01.017.01.017

Where can I find the appropriate files for the upgrade?



I changed the firmware to BG96MAR03A07M1G_01.001.01.00
Now I have the dtls and dtlsversion parameters in QSSLCFG

Now I want to open an SSL connection with PSK Encryption.

I uploaded the 0_server.psk file with the necessary data.
I set up SSL context as shown in chapter 3.6 of “BG96 SSL Application Note”
I executed the AT+QSSLOPEN command, but I am not getting the +QSSLOPEN confirmation.
When I execute AT+QSSLSTATE the value of the field
local_port = 0
socket_state = 1 (“Opening”)

In this state, the port remains forever.

When I execute the AT+QSSLCLOSE command, I get confirmation +QSSLOPEN with the error code 567 - “Socked has been closed”.

What do I have to do to make it work?
Why am I not receiving the +QSSLOPEN confirmation after open ?


Hi Gkania ,

Sorry for this delay .

1.Yes , The DTLs is the new feature ,added in this March ,2020 ,The old fw does not support it

2. After you changed to the new fw , based on the descirpition , it seems cerification issue ,

could you test your certification with your PC first , or send your certification to ,we can test it for you , and follow your case until it be resovled

could you send you AT log and qwinlog to us ? we can check more detail

pls kindly download Qwinlog tools from the below link ;

before collect Qwinlog , pls enable modem log first with below cmd;