BG96 Time synchronization via cellular GSM/LTE

Hi everyone! Can someone help me with time synchronization on BG96 module via cellular registration GSM/LTE? I need to obtain local / GMT time via AT+QLTS command.
Do I right, that time synchronization on BG96 available only by AT+QNTP from some server?
Thanks in advance, best regards
Anton Kalistratov

QLTS is not best choice .

pls use AT+cclk with high priority ,it come from the real time of modem.


[2021-01-20_14:49:45:419]+cclk: “21/01/20,06:49:45+32”


Thank you for answer. Let me know one more thing, what should I do for time updating. In case I’m using “at+cclk?” I just received <+CCLK: “80/01/06,00:00:10+12”>. I have two boards with BG96, one of them updates the time <+CTZE: “+12”,1,“2021/05/20,12:22:30”>, another - no. I think this depend of bg96 configuration. Can you help me?
Note: two boards are the same with the same code. I have followed this document: Quectel_UC20_Time_Synchronization_Application_Note_V1.0.pdf

Do both boards connect to the same network? For AT+CCLK? to work the network has to support NITZ and not all of the do.

I do not force any command for network registration before at+cclk? I’m switching the same sim card between devices. Can you give me some information or reference for understanding how does time update operating and responsibilities of this update.

for AT+QLTS , if it un- register from network ,the time will return Null ,

for AT+cclk , it will get time when it register network , if it un-register network , it will return one value based on last sync with network , if the modem has not register network never , it will begin from 1980`s , that is why ,

anyway , AT+QLTS and AT+CCLK? has the same sync source( NITZ)

Thank you for answer. Can you explain, what means registered/unregistered network? I have next condition:
AT+QLTS returns NULL,
AT+CCLS? returns default 1980’s
AT_CREG? retunrs established home registration
AND I successfully communicates with IOT server via MQTT

May be operator do not send me network time or what else have influence on it?
Also may I know, is it necessary to switch reports to my communication interface AT+QURCCFG=? for at+cclk? time synchonization or if I will not see events I can’t update at+cclk? time due NITZ?