Bg96 time synchronisation

I was working with BG96. There was a requirement to read network time. I used AT commands as:
It works fine in initial case when module was in India. But when Module location changed to other country ,it is unable to read the network time. Is there any dependency for these AT commands like service provider or location?


Hi ,

Network time synch is highly dependent on the Service provider . If service provider is not broadcasting then module cant get it .
Other option is using QNTP command to get Network time from network server .
Please refer TCP application note for using of above command .

If you have the AT COMMAND manual for BG96, you can look AT Command the corresponding AT+QLTS in directory 6.16 to see if it works:



If not broadcasting, will i be able to send messages as sms via module?

Hi ,

No Actually this is not SMS from mobile but specific data broadcasting by network .

you can look at AT+QLTS or AT+QNTP

I think QLTS may also not work as network is not giving the time details but QNTP can work for you .

Hi, can you please share the sequence of using QNTP or any application note related to that?