BG96. TCP Client demo fails on connect

I can’t test - I gave my module to a client to study…

are you sure that your APN is for NB/CAT or is only for GPRS

As we have no NB/CAT here I believe my APN is for GPRS. But network info shows 0 even without DDS init, so not related to APN.

DEVICE_INFO … qapi_Device_Info_Type_t
work in a certain state … some are not exactly direct

no idea … about connection
try AT connect for test, or change other sim

With another sim works, data is sending. But both sims show 0 for QAPI_DEVICE_INFO_SERVICE_STATE_E, but it is meant to be 1 when network is there (when it is always there, but always 0)

for both sims - ask support ( I not have info )

Hi ,

based on your debug log , your APN is CMNET still , I think you need to change ,

pls set it at here


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Changed that to correct ones, all logs gave same result on first sim, no matter CMNET is there or correct APN. No change for first sim.

Hi Grisha ,

You means that , with the second sim, everything is Ok , you can send data normally , right??

if yes , It is SIM provision issue ,pls contact with the operator . Based on your debug log , you have setup socket successfully .
if not , we will help you do more analysis

Yes, with second sim all is fine, so looks that was sim issue (but strange that in other device that sim works well).

What about network information when request QAPI_DEVICE_INFO_SERVICE_STATE_E ? I get always zero as response even when network is there and data is transmitting.

Hi Grisha ,

1.another device is BG96 also ,or not ??

  1. For QAPI_DEVICE_INFO_SERVICE_STATE_E , I know that the value returned should be 1, for more detail , we need to capture the modem log and do more analyze . pls send email to :

Email sent. I put QAPI_DEVICE_INFO_SERVICE_STATE_E in topic to simplify identification