BG96 switch off (flight mode)

We are using a BG96. RESET_N and PWRKEY are connected to GPIOs. We want to persistent disable the BG96 (flight mode) which should persist over an power on reset. Can we simply hold RESET_N at low level to keep the module out of operation. Or is there an other recommended solution. Is it necessary to switch off VBAT_BB or VBAT_RF?

1 .hold RESET_N at low level is not recommended ,Because the power on and reboot are managed by PMIC, PMIC is essentially a MCU, which is required by time sequence.

  1. if you need power down the module , pls
    send: AT+QPOWD

3, if you need to power up the module
it can be turned on by driving the PWRKEY pin to a low level for at least

4 if you need to power on and power down the module regularly, PSM is another choice

for the detail ,pls refer the below docs

Is it allowed to switch off VBAT_RF to disble sending any signals over the air, like flight mode?