[BG96] - SIM detection issue ; CME ERROR 10 for AT+CPIN?

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I have an issue with the BG96 used in this Dev. Kit from ST Microelectronics : https://www.st.com/en/evaluation-tools/p-l496g-cell02.html

Thanks to QNavigator, I’ve managed to send AT Commands to my module (basic ones such as ATI, AT+GSN, AT+CMEE=2 …). They all respond quickly and deliver coherent results.

I therefore consider that I’m able to communication with my module.

I encounter an issue whenever I run the « Automatic initialization » in QNavigator.

The script stops at the AT+CPIN? command. Here’s what is returned.


After an investigation, it seems that there’s never any power delivered by the USIM_VDD pin, or any signal delivered by either USIM_ pins (CLK,DATA,RST).

I’ve upgraded my bg96’s firwmare recently, and on my motherboard, I’ve run different example scripts.

I’ve tried to force VDD_SIM of my card connector to 3.3V, but no signal and still the same error whenever I try to type an AT Command related to the SIM usage.

I think that this part of my module is dead, but I’m writing this message just in case someone as encountered this issue, and did something that I didn’t do.

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Generally speaking, the module has been in mass production for a long time, and this problem will not occur,

pls check the below item

  1. check sim card socket
    2,Check the interference near to sim card
  2. Check whether there is waveform in the related pins when starting with oscilloscope ( CLK,DATA,RST).
    If the VDD SIM does not detect the voltage, the voltage will drop down , if this voltage has been detected ,it will be synced and kept

Hi !

Thanks for the answer !

I’ve already observed that there were no signals on the oscilloscope on those pins, at startup and at AT commands related to SIM usage (AT+CPIN? …).

It is really looking like this part of the BG96 is dead.

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In my case the pins of the Sim card holder are rusty, I change the sim card socket and now the module detect the sim card :slight_smile:

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I have problems with old sim cards, new sim cards detect fine, can be a voltage problem on old sim cards?, the old sim cards works fine on a phone…

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