BG96 Sahara UFS Reset command

Hi Quectel,

I looking for Sahara (DM CommPort) Reset module command…

I want to reset board after uploading user application

Thanks !

  • Georgi

you can send " AT+CFUN=1,1", via AT port ,

Hoping this information will be useful to you

The uploader is connected via DM CommPort ( work as QEFS_Explore ) there is not AT coomands

May i ask , your target is write a upgrade program with python , right ?
Just now , I got feedback from R&D , when QEFs_explorer is running , it is not in sahara mode ( only DM port ) , so sahara cmd cmd can not be used .

if you need more info , pls send me the email , i will forward your request to R&D . My email is


yep … sahara is other … is DIAG_SUBSYS_CMD

I need BG96 firmware BG96MAR02A09M1G_01.011.01.011

and QFlash tool

Stephen LI,
Thanks for support !