BG96 Returns "Registered Roaming" with disabled SIM

I’ve observed some strange behaviour from my BG96M and an Arkessa SIM.

I disabled the SIM to run some tests but the modem still reports “CREG 0,5” (Registered, Roaming) as can be seen below.
The Modem/SIM can’t open a PDP Context, giving an error from AT+QIOPEN, which is what I’d expect.
I was testing in GSM only mode using AT+QCFG="nwscanmode" ,1,1

Is this expected behaviour?
It could lead to misdiagnosis of faults at the very least, if we had a field issue this could cause a lot of trouble.


How did you disable SIM? AT+CFUN=0? or something ?
from follow image to see, module register to GSM and CS is actived via command AT+CREG?
but need to check PS staus(AT+CGREG?) if actived, if not so it cannot do TCP connection and this is a normal behavior.

I disabled the SIM at the Arkessa dashboard as a test. Usually this results in a “0,0” , “0,3” or “0,4” result from CREG on other modules.

Arkessa have informed me that the “0,5” is among the expected results in this case. I find it a little unusual but there’s not much that can be done except to be aware that this can happen.

Marking as resolved, thanks for your help.