[BG96] Reading information from Debug port

Hello, I am currently investigating an issue regarding random packet drops with our application. For that reason I would like to get a real time log/debug log of the modem over a period of time, with as much information as possible.

I am already working with QWinLog but I am not sure where I can select the amount of information to get, and, for the moment, I am seeing only SerialRead messages.

I would like some pointers or suggestions about where to look at.

thanks for your info

for the Qwinlog , if you send it to our side , we can convert it to QXDM log , and analyze it .

if you have QXDM tools ( qualcomm tools), you can check it in your side , if not pls reach to support@quectel.com , we will help you analyze it

the below is the link that , How to convert Qwinlog to QXDM log .