BG96 Reading available character remaining

Hi, I try to read the number of byte available to read with the following command


Most of the time, it is working great, it is returning the good amount or none when not available yet which is what I’m expecting.
+QSSLRECV: 633,0,633

but 1/10 of the time, it is returning a negative number
+QSSLRECV: 633,0,-633

I just don’t understand that and I don’t know how to manage it. Is somebody have an explanation and what could be done about it?

which version be used currently in your side?

it seem that it is a bug ,

pls reach to for more support

I received no response to my issue following an email and problem still persist.

I used the module NL-SW-LTE-QBG96-B. Could it be a bug in new firmware? should I revert back to the previous one. I think I will give it a try.