BG96 read payload MQTT

Hi friends.
A consult, I am working with the BG96, I published in a topic using MQTT and I receive the response in other topic where I subscribed, it works of this way: a microcontroller send the command to the BG96 to publish in a topic in the AWS platform, such platform sends the response in other topic where the microcontroller subscribed previoulsy, such response of the AWS platform arrives in the BG96 and the microcontroller ask the data from the BG96, it works very well, but I perceived that the time of response of the BG96 to the microcontroller is longer when the payload sent by the AWS platform is bigger, with size of payload of about 2k bytes the BG96 take a very very long time to response to the microcontroller being that AWS platform sent the data to the BG96 inmediately. Maybe the BG96 is doing some procedures with such data to delay such big timeā€¦ ( i dont know what proceduresā€¦).

Such delay is so much, Is it correct?, I imagine I must configure some thing in the BG96 to accelerate the response of BG96 to the microcontroller.

I thank you in advance for your help.

Hi bro,

Which network are you using? what abut network signal? maybe thoes caused such delay.
Can you please help check these firstly?

Linkin WANG