BG96 Read out SMS Content

Hi Quectel Team,

I got a request from my customer Müller.

Can you help to answer?

I have a question about the Quectel BG96 modem. Maybe you can help me with that.

To my concern:
We are currently looking for a replacement for a 2G modem from Mikroe with a Telit chip.
This module is used to control a sprinkler via SMS.
Since the 2G networks are gradually being switched off, we are looking for a replacement
for the Mikroe 2G modem. The replacement should behave in the same way (or very similar) via the AT command as the old module,
so that the software adjustments are relatively small.

Mikroe offers a replacement module (Mikroe-3144 LTE IoT2 click), which is based on the Quectel Modem BG96.
In principle, it could be put into operation and communication via AT command also works. It can also be
Send a SMS. The only problem I still have is receiving the SMS. The old 2G modem is
SMS reception set so that an SMS is forwarded directly to the irrigation control via the UART,
without it being saved in the SIM memory.

With the Quectel BG96 modem, it should actually be just as possible according to the data sheet.
The setting is made via the AT command “AT + CNMI = 1,2,0,1,0”. No matter how I choose the settings
a received SMS is always stored in the SIM memory.
Below (Figure 1) you will find a trace of the login procedure via AT commands. Maybe see a mistake from me or
Can give an indication of what needs to be changed.
Reading the SMS text from the memory is possible in principle, but the controller is already a few years old and the flash / RAM memory of the µController is almost full…

Thank you Marcel

I cannot upload a picture with more content. Can you share with me a emailadress?

I attached one at log for BG96 SMS ,pls kindly open it from the below link :slight_smile: