BG96 QuecOpen N/W Not connected Data Call Disconnected

Hi All,
I try to run the quectel example ‘mqtt’ application on my BG96 device. But The Device is unable to connect to network. And DSS Library initialization Failed.

MQTT Task Start…
Initializes the DSS netctrl library
DSS netctrl library has not been initialized.
Registering Callback tcp_dss_handle
tcp_dss_handle -1639669763, status 0
Registed tcp_dss_handler success
Setting tech to Automatic
Setting APN - www
Setting family to IPv4
qapi_DSS_Start_Data_Call start!!!.
Start Data service success.
Data test event callback, event: 2
Data Call Disconnected.
DSS_SIG_EVT_NO_CONN_E Signalstrong text

based on your debug log , the module has not been PDP activated

before you set up mqtt session , pls confirm that the module has register network successfully . and pdp activatied successfully

Hi Stephen,
Thanks for Reply through AT commands module configured correctly. But I need help how do I configure PDP through ThreadX.