Bg96 qmtstat: 0,1


I tested the BG96 for AWS connection.
Until last week, it was connected normally, but today it is not.
I connected to the server from the PC and it worked normally. So it’s not a server problem.

Could you please send me this firmware version?

There is no response even when I send a support email. I am in a hurry.
If possible, I would also like to receive the firmware below.

  • BG96MAR03A07M1G

when I send the AT+CGERG command , I received the return message +CGREG:0,4 .
as I know this message is unknown. is it problem for AWS connection?

Dear Maker,
Please make sure your SIM card is normal now. Just as you have said that, it disconnect suddenly, so please check the status of the module firstly. You can use the following command to check it.
About the firmware, please email to to get it. If there have no any response, please share your email information with me, i will help to push them answer you as soon as possible. Thanks!

I tested it as you told me.

Even if I sent an email before, there was no reply, so in the end, you informed me with a link.

Please use AT+CEREG?. And you can change another SIM card to have a try. Thanks! I think it is no need to upgrade the firmware now. Thanks!

Hi~ Kyson
I still have not received an answer from you.
Should I wait for a bit more?
Could you please directly give the firmware?
I’m in a hurry… :sob:


If possible, please share the email information that you have send to, i will check why no any person answer you internally. Thanks!

I have completed the upgrade. Thank you. But…
Are the two versions different? If possible, I would like to receive the F/W that I have.

Also Should I upgrade the mbn file in this folder using Qflash tool?

  1. There have the release note in the firmware package which introduce the different between the two versions.Please check it.
    2.Do not upgrade MBN file to have a try. Thanks!

It might not be the problem with firmware, I had came across this, check your service provider, if the service provider has rejected the network registration due to data limit, your SIM might not register with network again.
Try with another SIM and module if that link works.
Leave this device and SIM power disconnected for 2 days(my experience ) it will reset network registry and you might be able to register again.

I checked the firmware release document. I would like to receive the F/W that I have.
F/W version : BG96MAR02A11M1G_01.015.01.015

Please send me this f/w again?

Thank you.
I checked the SIM information using QNavigator.
Network registration, Preferred operator…
I think service provider hasn’t rejected the network registration due to data limit.

Please @Kyson… I’m waiting for your answer…

Please use the latest version that i have send to you. If you still ask for another firmware, please email to to get it. Thanks!