BG96 qapi_fs problem :(

Hello everyone on the forum.

I am trying to use the file creation service inside the BG96 module.

I am basing my code on example_file.c SDK 2.7.

I would like to know if anyone has been able to retrieve information written in flash memory?

what the code can do is:
1.- create dir path from inside “/ datatx ​​/” --> “/datatx/UserConfig”
2.-create a .txt file inside the path. -->/datatx/UserConfig/Config.txt
3.-write inside the .txt file

but I cannot retrieve the information previously written in the .txt file

I share a sample of the code to see if someone could detect an error for which they cannot read information.

greetings to all.

FS FIle example code

The solution for reading files in memory, FS FILE was always in front of me.


 _DBG("== File_read  ==");
	open_flag = QAPI_FS_O_RDONLY_E; 

	if(QAPI_OK == qapi_FS_Open(path, open_flag, &read_fd))
    	_DBG("open file [%s] OK!\n", path);
        memset(file_buff, '\0', sizeof(file_buff));
        while((QAPI_OK == qapi_FS_Read(read_fd, file_buff, sizeof(file_buff)-1, &wr_bytes))
                    && (wr_bytes > 0))

pls refer to the examle_file.c in sdk ,