Hi all,
I’m working with the BG96 modem and the UMTS&LTE devboard by Quectel in order to test full BG96 functionality usign QCOM interface tool.
I’m able to attach a network in NB-IoT and I send some data using MQTT.
I have setup PDM mode in order to save power.
PSM is working fine: device wakes up and stays switch on the time given by the network once PSM is set up. Nevertheless, when I wakes up the BG96 using PWR_KEY, then the modem does not enter again into PSM low power mode. Why? Do I need to force PSM again if device is manually woke up??
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it is good question , pls try the below at cmd with the newest fw version ,

for the detail , pls kindly open the attachment


it mean that ,if you push pwer_key to wakeup psm , if no AT be sent in 6000ms , the module will enter PSM again

for the detail ,pls kindly open the attachment ,named “AT+QNWCFG=activetimer.pdf”

Hi Stephen.

I have the same problem as dtarrgo
I sent command: AT+QNWCFG=“activetimer”,2,6000 to my BG96.
but the response is ERROR.
I can’t find this command on any Commands manual.
It looks like BG96 don’t understand this command.
Please help.