BG96 power consumption


I am checking the power consumption of the BG96 using UTMS&LTE EVB with BG96-TE-A. Then trying to power the EVB from 1-cell 18650 battery via battery connection on EVB and measure the battery current.

Below are the current that I have measured:

  1. BG96 is off: <1mA
  2. Press the PW_KEY button on EVB and wait for some seconds: ~38mA
  3. Connect to the EVB via USB, sending AT+CFUN=0 and GPS is off. The current consumption is still ~38mA.

My understand is that the cellular and GPS (those are 2 main functions of BG96) are off, so why it still consumes ~38mA. It drains the battery so fast so it is not acceptable.

Does someone know if I did something wrong in the setup?

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Hi nghiemhong,

if you need to test BG96 power consumption , the EVB need to do some HW reworking ,

i enclosed the related doc with below link ,