BG96 power consumption when using both GNSS and Cat M1

I was trying to understand and evaluate current consumption of BG96 module when using both GNSS and Cat M1. I did found one document here which shares information about power consumption when either cellular is used ot GNSS is used.

My objective is to reduce power consumption and I tried switching on/off the GNSS using command AT+QGPSEND but did not see any improvements.

Is there anything I am missing in commands ?
How can I achieve the desired behavior ?

Dear Sir,
Please refer to the following doc and search for key word “GNSS”.
Quectel_BG96_Hardware_Design_V1.4.pdf (1.4 MB)
Quectel_BG96_GNSS_Application_Note_V1.2.pdf (580.4 KB)


I went through both the documents but could not find any reference to table where both cellular and GNSS are enabled.
Where can I find this information?
Or is there a method to compute this, if yes where can I find this?

Dear Sir,
No power consumption data when both cellular and GNSS are enabled. But I think you could verify GNSS power consumption in HD first and calculate the summary of those 2 consumption.
Please refer to 6.4 in HD.

AT+QGPS=1 //Turn on GNSS
AT+QGPSLOC? //Obtain positioning information.