Bg96 mqtt pingreq

We are programming in c open on BG96 module and using AT commands to work/operate MQTT client and connect to a broker, the process goes well and we exchange data successfully via subscribe and publish with Azure.
In the MQTT protocol it is noted that the MQTT server/broker is expecting to get data or PINGREQ packets (within 1.5 MQTT keep alive time, e.g. T2) in order to maintain the connection alive.
The question is whether the BG96 stack is implementing the PINGREQ messages automatically ?, by means that it monitors any data exchanged in the BG MQTT client with the broker and in case there is no data within the X time the stack shall generate PINREQ packets automatically ?.
If yes, is there a way to get info on these setting ? how often ?120sec, 180sec ?
Please advise.

Hello Arie,
I think that the messages are indeed implemented automatically (not sure tho). Also just out of curiosity, could you please send me the code that you are using for this? Thank you very much.