BG96 module crashing after uploading ThreadX App. Can't access DM Port

Hello everyone

I am currently having an issue with my bg96 module where it cannot power up after uploading a ThreadX demo application(demo_uart to be exact). It seems to be stuck in a loop that repeatedly resets or crashes the module. I cannot access the file system using QEFS as it fails to read the DM port due to the repeated crashing. I also cannot access the DM port using Qflash to flash a new firmware to the module at all. Any ideas/suggestions?

Resolved by reflashing firmware using the USB_BOOT pin on the module and using QFLASH version 4.15. For some odd reason, QFLASH 4.3.1 was not loading the FW files.

great , pls use enter u-boot mode and force download the fw +app

for how to froce downlod , pls refer to the below doc

For Qflash tools , pls using the latest version , There are some versions. The compatibility of the driver is not good

not able to access above link , i think its expired.
could you please share new or updated one