BG96 Main UART not responding

I also have a need to connect the BG96 to a Host MCU with no luck. To test this independently I’m connecting the uart1 to the PC directly via., a TTL to USB adaptor (3.3 V). However the module still dont respond. I have seen done garbage printed

Where as there is no issue with the USB-AT cmd port. Only the UART1 is having issue.
I have set the baud rate to 115200

How to troubleshoot this further ? The TTL to USB adaptor is working with the UART3 (GPS). Onl the UART1 (AT cmd Port) is having issue

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Hi vsk ,

this test has been done on your design prototype, instead of quectel EVB。

could you test on quectel EVB ?

I’ve had met similar problems with other customers. Generally speaking, this is the problem of crystal oscillator or power suppliment on your PCB。

it is hardware issue. Please connect the oscilloscope to correct your HW first , thanks

Hello, I would like to ask for technical help regarding the BG96 MODULE, after several tries, I am unable to connect through the main UART, I have checked that all signals are correct, and the start-up sequence is indeed correct with PWK being set and 1.8 V being generated but I never got the APP ready message.

A similar setup using the BG96-TE-A in a custom board with the same external circuit works without problem. Could you aid if possible?

Stat and net lights are working in running mode, 1.8V is working without problem and a TXS0108EPWR is used as a level converter but only TX and RX are being used, could any flow control signal cause this behaviour

well it was a soldering issue after all, that and a resistor pulling up USB_BOOT blocking the device.