BG96: LTS ALPN extension to connect toAWS IoT at TCP port 443

Is there any way to implement TLS ALPN extension to comunicate with AWS IoT over MQTT stack in BG96 ?
I would like to connect to AWS IoT over port 443 and they say that ALPN “x-amzn-mqtt-ca” is a requirement.
Currently I’m using BG96 with the MQTT protocol embedded on it (AT+QMTxx commands)

Thanks in advance

To connect AWS mqtt , I attach one AT log and one doc for your reference , since the policy of AWS is changing , The latest CA requirements are subject to the official website of AWS. thanks

This doc and link doesn’t help with setting ALPN.
AWS custom authentication asks us to set the TLS extension ALPN to “mqtt”

I am using BG96 module and accessing it over AT commands from my microcontroller. How can I set the ALPN on my module?