BG96 LTE-M1 band39 TDD-mode failed

I tried to attach to network in LTE-M1 band39 TDD-mode with BG96 but it didn’t goes well and BG96 got halted when it received RACH Msg4.
I verified that it went well in FDD-mode.

Currently I use firmware BG96MAR02A08M1G_01.012.01.012.
I’d appreciate it if you could provide latest firmware.
If it’s possible, I’d like you to provide system information parameters that you’ve verified.

Hi yamaguchi ,

As you said, you fail at contention resolution message .

Up to now , we does not find that the actual operator network support catM band 39 . Could share your network environment to us ?


Hi stephen
We use our original network, and mainly verifing catM feature in band39 TDD-mode now.

I understand that you haven’t vefiried attaching to the actual network with BG96 in catM band39. But I think that you have verified catM band39 feature with BTS simulator. If you are interested in improving BG96 catM band39 behavior and you can share your test parameter, we also can share our parameter which we want to use and something we found from qalcomm log .

Hi yamaguchi ,

Thanks for your feedback ,

For more analysis , maybe need to capture QXDM log , pls send email to us , we will help you do more debug .

mailbox : support@

Hi stephen

have you received e-mail from me?
I sent it on last Friday.


No , Maybe my colleague is dealing with your isssue .

Hi stephen

OK, but there’s no response…
maybe your colleague is busy.
This issue is not simply failure in contention resolution but getting BG96
out of control.
Are there any way to prevent getting halt (something like debug mode)?


Hi yamaguch,

I have talked with R&D , Just now , BG96 does not support band 39 TDD LTE well,

if you have to use TDD-LTE , pls collect modem log and send email to me . , we will help you check it .

Hi stephen

Thank you for your support!
I have to use TDD-LTE.
Now, I have Quectel_UMTS&LTE_EVB_Kit_Support_Package_V1.3 and it contains
LTE_QWinLog_V1.3_BETA0318, QLog_UC20&UC15&EC20_Windows_V1.1.0.
How do I collect modem log which you want?
I have special tool to collect and analyse qualcommm DM port log. But you may not
analyse this log. So, if you want, I’ll export this log to xls or txt format.

When this issue happened, I couldn’t collect this DM port log.
So, I asked you If you could offer some setting to prevent halt.
If it’s not possible to prevent halt, I’ll share current system informations,
and something I’d like you to check.


The log tools :

Hi stephen

Thank you for telling me how to get log.
I e-mailed to you. Please check it.


Got it . I will push R&D resolve you issue ,and sync with ASAP via email