BG96 LTE and GNSS concurrently

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I would like to use the BG96 module for IOT.
In my application, the module should be able to work LTE and GNSS at the same time without the module in “extended Discontinuous Reception (eDRX) or Power Saving Mode (PSM)”.
Is this possible with this BG96 module?
Or do you have other suggestions

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hi, SW2020:
What you want is possible. You can turn off the DRX and PSM functions by using the following command.

AT+CPSMS=0 //Disable the use of PSM
AT+QPSMS=0 //Disable the use of PSM

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thinks herbert.pen,
Even when DRX and PSM are active, LTE and GNSS are also working concurrently?

in our case we want to send GPS data to backend in real time (tracking). and this happens only when LTE is connected to network provider and GNSS is working. Is this possible to realize with BG96 or BG95 ?
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Dear Quectel Team,

Please reply to this thread as I too have same implemtation to work in our project , and @SW2020 do you checked with your model regarding GNSS+LTE in BG96